Court Sin

Court Sin

  • Studio Director – Architecture
  • Canada

Court joined FORREC in 2014 as an award-winning architect with 10+ years practice experience. Since then, he has proven himself a leader within the architecture studio by directing design, streamlining processes, overseeing teams, and budget management – all while maintaining key client relationships and elevating FORREC projects.

As Studio Director, Court continues to provide his expertise to FORREC’s architecture studio. As a highly collaborative project leader, he works closely with management to develop best practices for his Studio to produce extraordinary projects from any brief. Court has extensive knowledge in his field. His specialization in Third Place Theory, the space between home and workplace, led him to publish his first book in 2008. Entitled The One Third You Are Missing – Designing Third Places to Revitalize Downtowns, it focuses on the significance of designing authentic social places and is supplemented by thoughts from Ray Oldenburg and Will Alsop.

James Anderson James Anderson

James Anderson

Senior Director - Visitor Attractions; Senior Creative Director
Matt Dawson Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson

Vice President - Business Development
David Eagleson David Eagleson

David Eagleson

Vice President – Key Projects
Thomas Gould Thomas Gould

Thomas Gould

Senior Director
D. Cale Heit D. Cale Heit

Cale Heit

President & CEO
Linda Hung Linda Hung

Linda Hung

Vice President
Rochelle Jones Rochelle Jones

Rochelle Jones

Studio Director - Interior Design
Alfredo Landaeta Alfredo Landaeta

Alfredo Landaeta

Director - Mixed-Use + Entertainment
Michelle Lemmon Michelle Lemmon

Michelle Lemmon

Director of Marketing
Catherine Low Catherine Low

Catherine Low

Vice President – Finance
Director of People at FORREC Louise Mazzotta's headshot black and white Woman canoeing down a river with rock walls and greenery in background

Louise Mazzotta

Director of People
Dennis Pyon Dennis Pyon

Dennis Pyon

Vice President – Operations
Eric J. O’Rourke Eric J. O’Rourke

Eric J. O’Rourke

Senior Director
Cindi Rowan Cindi Rowan

Cindi Rowan

Studio Director – Landscape Architecture
Steven Shah Steven Shah

Steven Shah

Vice President
Anna Szczepaniak Anna Szczepaniak

Anna Szczepaniak

Studio Director - Creative Services
Scott Torrance Scott Torrance

Scott Torrance

Senior Director - Landscape Architecture
Jessica Vitale Jessica Vitale

Jessica Vitale

Studio Director - Graphic Design
William Wang William Wang

William Wang

Regional Director, China

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