render of Snowy scene of winter festival in a parkette lit up with white lights

Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

Compelling Design

From local to global, we design outdoor spaces that defy the everyday.

As a company formed by landscape architects, FORREC continues to excel at designs that create compelling urban, entertainment, and recreational places around the world. Our award-winning team looks at your project and sees infinite possibilities. Our landscape architects are skilled at master planning some of the world’s most successful entertainment destinations, distinctive urban spaces, and communities where people live, work, play, and build memories.

Our experience includes everything from fantastical theme parks to bold, urban, and recreational places, to award-winning parks, trails, streetscapes, campuses, green roofs and more! Many of our landscape architects are LEED accredited, a mark of excellence for green design, and masters in Revit, MicroStation, BIM (Building Information Modelling), and state-of-the-art visualization tools.


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    The very essence of who we are as a company is collaboration. On every project we collaborate within our studios, our clients, with our strategic partners, our consultants, and the brands and operators we work with. Interested in working with us?

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