John Wick Open Contract sign on city street at night with old apartment buildings and a rollercoaster sticking up behind while pedestrians point and look

Theme Parks

Thrilling Attractions

We immerse guests in magical, mythical, cultural, branded lands.

For the theme park guest, the experience is simple: immersive, memorable, entertaining, and rewarding. For FORREC, theme parks are beautifully complex systems of storytelling, function, economics, and human behaviour. From Concept Design to Programming through to In-Field Art Direction, FORREC is an industry leader when it comes to creating theme parks. As the designer of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands and operators including Universal, Merlin Entertainments, Six Flags, Sun Group and DXB Entertainments, we put our creativity front and centre to build magical places of escape and fun that guests will want to come back to again and again.

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    The very essence of who we are as a company is collaboration. On every project we collaborate within our studios, our clients, with our strategic partners, our consultants, and the brands and operators we work with. Interested in working with us?

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