Anna Szczepaniak headshot woman in black and white stripped collard shirt and gold necklace

Anna Szczepaniak

  • Studio Director - Creative Services
  • Canada

There’s so much creativity percolating in Anna’s brain, it seeps into every aspect of her life and her work. Anna sees every project as an experience to be discovered so it’s no wonder her career path led her back to FORREC for the third time. She's an entertainment design ace who’s taking her team to new heights.

Anna came to FORREC the first time just a year after graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She helped develop several international projects including high concept interiors for the Hard Rock Café and LEGOLAND Deutschland. But beautiful British Columbia lured her away and Anna made her mark on Vancouver’s interior design world with numerous award-winning restaurants and retail projects to her credit. She became the creative director leading a 50-member team at one design firm before becoming director of design at Joey Restaurants. And that’s when FORREC tempted her back as leader of the Interiors studio. Not only did Anna design the Wuhan Indoor Movie Park in China and the Little Big Club in Malaysia, she designed our head office, too. Vancouver snatched her back for another stint before Anna boomeranged back to FORREC in 2018 to head up Creative Services. In between all the design and leadership, Anna has travelled to some 20 countries, always gathering inspiration from every place she visits.

James Anderson black and white headshot James Anderson in motorcycle helmet

James Anderson

Senior Director - Visitor Attractions; Senior Creative Director
David Eagleson black and white headshot David Eagleson in car racing BELL helmet

David Eagleson

Vice President – Key Projects
Thomas Gould black and white headshot Thomas Gould steering sail boat

Thomas Gould

Senior Director
D. Cale Heit black and white headshit D. Cale Heit taking photos with camera

Cale Heit

President & CEO
Linda Hung black and white headshot Linda Hung eating ramen with chopsticks

Linda Hung

Vice President - Business Development
Rochelle Jones headshot black and white Rochelle Jones zip lining over trees

Rochelle Jones

Studio Director - Interior Design
Alfredo Landaeta black and white headshot Alfredo Landaeta gardening

Alfredo Landaeta

Director - Mixed-Use + Entertainment
Michelle Lemmon black and white headshot Michelle Lemmon surfing in ocean

Michelle Lemmon

Director of Marketing
Catherine Low black and white headshot Catherine Low in forest

Catherine Low

Vice President – Finance
Director of People at FORREC Louise Mazzotta's headshot black and white Woman canoeing down a river with rock walls and greenery in background

Louise Mazzotta

Director of People
Eric J. O’Rourke headshot black and white Eric J. O’Rourke in scottish bag piper photo prop

Eric J. O’Rourke

Senior Director
Dennis Pyon black and white headshot Dennis Pyon doing martial arts in black uniform

Dennis Pyon

Vice President – Operations
Cindi Rowan headshot black and white Cindi Rowan posing on blue sculpture with red bike

Cindi Rowan

Studio Director – Landscape Architecture
Steven Shah headshot black and white Steven Shah on boat in ocean

Steven Shah

Vice President
Black and white Man's headshot wearing black suit with white button up man on bike

Karim Sijlamassi

Director - MENA
Court Sin headshot black and white Court Sin at bar with red TFC hat on

Court Sin

Studio Director – Architecture
Scott Torrance headshot black and white Scott Torrance surfing in ocean

Scott Torrance

Senior Director - Landscape Architecture
Jessica Vitale headshot black and white Jessica Vitale making snow angel

Jessica Vitale

Studio Director - Graphic Design
William Wang headshot black and white William Wang photo man playing badmitton in neon green shirt

William Wang

Regional Director, China

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