Ariel view of the Xiangshan Movie Park

Mixed-Use + Entertainment

Creative Approach

Creating spaces and places to promote commerce, entertainment, community, recreation, health, and happiness.

What sets FORREC apart from our competitors is the ability to design the right mix of living, working, retail, and entertainment to attract visitors and create memorable experiences worth coming back for. It requires the know-how of complex master planning, architectural and landscape design, as well as attraction design skills. FORREC is an expert in the art of placemaking; we create spaces that foster community, sustainability, economic growth, and inclusion, an important part of FORREC’s commitment to accessibility. Our creative approach starts with a story and experience planning. We develop everything from the big picture to the little moments. As experience designers, we approach MU+E projects with an entertainment design perspective to maximize your project’s potential, connecting people to the community, highly repeatable, and ensure it’s a destination for all seasons.

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    The very essence of who we are as a company is collaboration. On every project we collaborate within our studios, our clients, with our strategic partners, our consultants, and the brands and operators we work with. Interested in working with us?

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