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Water Parks by the Numbers

Apr 25, 2018

120 Days



120 DAYS

Did you know that the school summer vacation season will drive most of your annual attendance? That’s a precious 110-120 days to attract guests. Consider offering holiday specials, family packages, early bird discounts and activities like teen dances.

Phase 1 2 3


Go big or go home isn’t always foolproof. It’s better to start with a great smaller park, then expand in phases to accommodate changing demographics and technologies. New attractions and glimpses of future plans will excite guests and keep them coming back.

40 60


Did you know that your project should offer 40% passive versus active areas? Thrilling water slides certainly attract people, but flat-water pools, lazy rivers and lounge areas allow guests to rest, revive and hang out with friends and family before plunging back into the wild rides.

3x to 4x More


Indoor parks can cost three to four times more than outdoor parks due to the infrastructure and buildings required to support them. Budget according to your region’s climate, plan your indoor park as part of a larger resort destination or pair it with an outdoor park to meet peak demand.

0 tp 80

0 TO 80

Today’s broader demographic includes toddlers, teens, parents and grandparents. Give them a wide range of rides/attractions, good sun-shade balance and comfortable relaxation zones with good views to watch the kids, and multi-generational guests will stay longer and come more often.

23c or 73f

23°C OR 73°F?

Anything less than 23° C or 73°F outdoors is unpleasant for bathers and affects your day, season and your bottom line. While cold puts a damper on attendance, so does extreme heat and sun. Shaded children’s areas and cool walkways are all about guest comfort.

25000 Selfies

25,000 SELFIES

That’s the number of selfies – about one a day – that millennials are expected to take in their lifetimes. Does your park offer the FOMO moments they crave? Design your thrill rides, fun spaces and unique environments to be selfie-worthy and they’ll be magnets for millennials.

7 to 11 Pit Stops


If we can get a little personal here, nature calls an average of seven to 11 times per day. So, during a 10-hour park stay, guests will use the washroom four to six times. Clean, well designed washrooms and change rooms matter to the guest experience.

8 10 Hours

8-10 HOURS

That’s the average guest stay, yet three to four hours of it isn’t spent on the rides. Look for a designer that can create a guest experience that’s more than just fiberglass and concrete. What sets you apart is a good story, fun wet and dry play zones and great food and beverage.