Ariel view of the Xiangshan Movie Park
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of outside Xiangshan Movie Park with huge round movie poster and people walking under
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of event inside the Xiangshan Movie Park
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of red carpet event at the Xiangshan Movie Park
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of ariel view of Xiangshan Movie Park lit up at night with fireworks
Courtesy of FORREC

Xiangshan Movie Park

Ningbo, China

FORREC created a multifunctional master plan for Xiangshan Movie Park in China, a fully functioning movie and TV studio that produces 750 films and TV shows per year while also welcoming 2.2 million visitors. Our intent was to create a meaningful experience for movie buffs, balancing the needs of controlled productions with the leisure of an entertainment space all while creating a sustainable environmental space. We approached the planning and design strategies for Xiangshan Movie Studios from the guest’s point of view, understanding there would be an overlap of both tourists visiting attractions and film industry professionals.

We designed an attraction to be experienced in three acts. As guests enter, they experience Act One; a welcome zone that acts as an introduction to the experience they are about to be immersed in. As they make their way through, they get to Act Two – a sort of pre-production space – where guests experience the elements needed to create their own production. They can dress up in the cosplay entertainment centre, find movie souvenirs in the retail shops, dine at themed restaurants. Here, they join in the fun through performance training courses or drama camps. All of this to prepare for their show! In the final act, guests are treated to a wax museum, dinner theatre, and red-carpet experiences. All built to make guests feel like the star!

Xiangshan Movie Park is a seamless integration of entertainment and commercial uses to maximize the overall guest experience, increase the appeal to visitors and maximize the value to developers.

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