Render of blue and green rollercoaster ride at Bollywood Parks
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of festival at Bollywood Parks with purple and pink lights, people in the street, and big elephant statues
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of Bollywood Parks ride platforms with golden rollercoaster in background and swinging bus ride to the right
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of Bollywood Parks at night with large Ferris wheel it up with yellow, pink, purple and blue lights and a giant elephant head projected in the middle
Courtesy of FORREC
Render of colourful Bollywood temple at night with dancers, fireworks, and an audience
Courtesy of FORREC

Bollywood Parks Dubai - Expansion

Dubai, UAE

FORREC was tasked with refreshing the Bollywood Dubai theme park via densification of the existing park and the creation of a new land. FORREC’s master planners assessed that the park needed a more circulatory guest journey and a more complete experience with attractions, guest engagement and layering of the Bollywood experience. The revitalization master plan created an overall park balance using the already cohesive theme and programming of the world-famous industry of Bollywood. FORREC’s differentiation strategy was expanding operating hours into the city’s cooler evening and adding a layer of Bollywood experience which, in turn, provides for a wider demographic and user group for the theme park.


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  • Concept Design
  • Program Development
  • Master Planning
  • Experience Planning



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